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How to Boost Your Branding Strategy

Rickard Ritterberg, Manager, Oslo

17 July 2019

What is Branding Strategy?

Branding is the process of giving corporate identity to things, spaces and products. Creating unambiguous positive associations with a specific company with the help of colorfully designed products allows you to increase your loyal audience and increase sales.

The branding process includes market research, the choice of a particular style of product or service positioning. After developing a unique style of the brand, its name, slogan, trademark, visual and sound design are created. Using these tools creates a clear brand image in the minds of consumers.

Brand Tree

The process of branding services includes the active creation of a brand image – a visual image of the brand, which is formed by advertising. The result of a quality brand image is stable and unambiguous positive associations that encourage customers to continue to pay for the services of the company.

“Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is brand image.”

A competitive market leads to an increasing role of emotional and psychological impact in the strategy of creating a brand image. Actively developing the services sector involves the formation of a loyal audience, aimed at long-term cooperation with a particular company.

Computur Brand.

Branding Examples and Technologies

The main technologies of branding are based on consumption motives, sociocultural codes and behavioral stereotypes of customers. The most popular branding technology is comparing a product or service with an abstract averaged product. This makes it possible to reveal obvious advantages, to level the advantages of “ordinary” products or services.

An example of branding technology built on a behavioral stereotype is product positioning as an attribute of a “successful person”. Such technologies are used by manufacturers of electronics, fashion accessories in the premium price segment. Traditionally, this strategy belongs to large fashion houses, perfume manufacturers.

Technologies built on sociocultural codes apply national patterns of behavior that are specific to certain countries, regions or cities. An example of technology is the minimalist interior design style popular in “Scandinavia”. The desire of the domestic consumer to comply with the conventional European standards is used to sell real estate, building materials, furniture, and interior design services. Therefore, our team at Awelion helps you to follow the proper steps do product development of your company.


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